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  • Rosalie Constable

Transition Engineering - finding practical solutions for a more resilient and sustainable future

Transition Engineering provides an interdisciplinary approach to finding innovative, practical solutions to bring about the changes needed for a more resilient and sustainable future.

The key here for us at sustain:able is “practical solutions”.

In our research into the energy transition we were frustrated with seeing the call to action – “we must act now!” – but without any clear and practical recommendations for how companies can actually go about achieving the changes necessary for a more sustainable future.

As mums to young families, we have a strong driver to make a positive impact on this future – their future.

So early last year Rosalie set out to find some practical tools to help achieve this.

And in December 2021, Rosalie completed her research project and received an excellent overall grade for the University of Canterbury Energy InTIME© course on Transition Engineering.

Rosalie now has a much greater understanding of the challenges and potential solutions, plus some practical tools in her toolbox to analyse projects in new ways with the ultimate objectives being:

· Reduced energy usage

· Reduced emissions and waste

· Reduced materials consumption

· Positive environmental and social impacts

· Profitability

· Long-term resilience and sustainability

We’re looking forward to incorporating these tools and concepts into projects with sustain:able to help companies navigate the energy transition and build resilience.

To find out more, check out our Transition Engineering page or get in touch.

What is Transition Engineering?

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