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Romance in Nature

for energy, minerals and transport sectors
esg - risk - emissions - engagement

helping companies in the heavy industry and hard-to-abate sectors

deliver the vital energy, minerals and transportation that society needs,

in a more environmentally aware and accountable way

We have over 75 years combined experience in the global energy industry: we are from your business, so we understand your business. Our specialist focus, knowledge and experience enables us to work effectively with you to identify your risks and opportunities, helping your company evolve into a more environmentally aware, accountable business.

Currently around 80% of the world's primary energy demand is met by fossil fuels, and oil & gas are currently vital to society today. However, the oil & gas industry faces significant challenges, which threaten the sector's Social License to Operate. We are here to help companies deliver the vital energy society needs, in a more environmentally aware and accountable way.


benefits at a glance

  • Maintain your company's Social License to Operate

  • Demonstrate strong stewardship to regulators, investors and stakeholders

  • Show alignment to industry strategy and targets

  • Build a thorough understanding of your emissions sources

  • Develop robust emissions reduction strategies

  • Improve your supply chain awareness and risk management

  • Build a more equitable, diverse and inclusive company culture for talent retainment

  • Get ahead of the curve on ESG and emissions reporting

  • Access to investors and capital by demonstrating a robust ESG and emissions strategy

areas we address with you


Accounting, forecasting, reduction planning, energy efficiency, decarbonisation solutions.

supply chain

Assess ESG credentials and risks of your supply chain and work with suppliers to improve their ESG focus.

impact and risk

Double Materiality Assessments to  highlight the most material topics for your organisation to focus your risk management.

esg data

Collect, assess, improve ESG-related data. Identify and fill gaps in data collection.


Framework selection, preparation and reporting including TCFD, IFRS, GRI, SASB, TNFD.

company culture and awareness

Improve culture, staff retention and climate awareness, policy design, education.

esg strategy

Utilise material topics to develop and integrate an effective ESG strategy in your business.

due diligence

For investors, banks and lenders, review single or portfolio of companies for ESG robustness.

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