a mission centred around
energy & water

energy and water

the two most essential things our society relies on

We formed sustain:able because we are passionate about finding a balance to the energy trilemma and ensuring everyone has access to clean water

Energy Trilemma_plus water.png

The biggest and most complex problem the world is working on today is that of achieving a low-carbon economy while striving to maintain energy balance:  

security of energy supply

affordability and equity

environmental sustainability


Water must be the fourth focus in order for us to achieve a stable, equitable and prosperous future for our children and grandchildren.

Everything we want to achieve for our world - lifting communities from poverty, food security, education, equality, environment - stems from clean, reliable and affordable energy and water.

As mums to young families, we want a better future for them - it's as simple as that.


experience, understanding and a
unique perspective

We have a background in geoscience and bring over 30 years combined experience in the global extractive and energy industries. 

We understand addressing climate change is not as simple as "turning the taps off" and ceasing oil & gas production. A rapid, but also fair and equitable energy transition is needed if no one is to be left behind. 

Problem solving and seeking to understand the complex interplay of diverse facets of a problem are part of who we are.


Our unique scientific knowledge, industry experience and innovative problem solving can help you spot the opportunity to be sustainable and authentic within your core business.

“We will only achieve real progress if we work together, sharing our ideas and skills, to develop solutions that make an impact. Low carbon, sustainable, sources of energy and water need to be available to everyone, not just those in developed nations.“

Dr Rachel Gavey

Since relocating to Scotland from New Zealand with her young family, Rachel's focus with her work is to encourage collaborative workflows between companies and individuals in order to develop ideas that can make a real impact on the increased and sustainable production of clean energy and water.

Technology forms the centre of all Rachels’ projects; she is incredibly passionate about the smart use of technology for solving problems, especially when those problems relate to the energy transition.

Rachel has a PhD in Marine Geology, a BSc in Geological Oceanography and many years experience working in a variety of roles across the energy industry around the globe. As a Board Director of the Scottish Energy Forum, she places herself at the forefront of the most topical energy discussions.

Rachel is also responsible for the operational running of her consulting company, RGC Ltd.

"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

- Gro Harlem Brundtland

Rosalie believes it’s critical to understand the complex role energy plays in our society and seeks to balance energy security, equality and sustainability. The "Energy Transition" is just that - a transition - a time during which we must transform our projects and practices to be more sustainable.

Rosalie has a PhD in Earth Science and 18 years’ working in various technical and management roles in the energy industry. Her recent roles included Asset management in Kenya and Ethiopia and responsibility for all technical subsurface project. These roles also included management of complex and challenging operational projects in remote locations in Kenya and Chad.


Rosalie's work in Africa alongside local communities highlighted to her the incredible importance and responsibility of providing clean, reliable and affordable energy and water to all - the drivers for her work at sustain:able.   

She meets each challenge with an enthusiasm for problem solving and a unique perspective and breadth of experience gained from working on successful projects across the world.

Rosalie also runs Constable Energy Consulting with the mission to deliver creative solutions to complex energy, environmental and geoscience problems, thereby striving for a better future.


Dr Rosalie Constable