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conducting our business with
integrity & purpose

We formed sustain:able to support companies in their journey to be more environmentally aware and accountable.

A key part of this is ensuring strong governance procedures underpin our work and the support we provide to our business partners.


Below are our policy statements and commitments to conducting our business in a transparent and ethical manner, with integrity & purpose.

commitment to the environment and climate change

Degradation of our natural environment and climate change represents one of the most important global challenges we are facing. Working to improve the environment in which we live and work, and to address the causes of climate change is why we founded sustain:able

and is at the core of all we do. 

We acknowledge the goals set forth by the Paris Climate Change Agreement


and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and commit to minimising the harm we cause to the environment and climate and commit to supporting our business partners to do the same.

human rights and modern slavery commitment

Crowd of People

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, sexual orientation, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination. 

sustain:able does not tolerate slavery in any form in our business or by any of our business partners working with us or for us, and we respect individual human rights as set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in internationally recognized treaties, including those of the International Labour Organization (ILO). We expect all of our business partners to maintain equally high standards in their respective organisations and supply chains. 

Our Whistleblowing Statement encourages our employees to speak up if they are concerned about any inappropriate, illegal or corrupt behaviour in relation to our activities.

commitment to diversity and inclusion

We value, promote, and celebrate inclusion, and value the range of perspectives, ideas and experiences that diversity provides, whether grounded in gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, cultural background, religion or age.


As we grow sustain:able, we aim to be a truly inclusive company, where difference

Rainbow coloured flag

is celebrated, respected, and encouraged. Alongside this we commit to supporting and encouraging our business partners and clients to promote diversity and inclusion within their own teams. We work within our own team and with our clients and business partners from a foundation of mutual respect.


We strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy against any form of discrimination or abuse directed at any representative of our company on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, cultural background, religion or age. This includes direct and indirect discrimination, victimisation, harassment, and abuse including physical acts, and verbal and non-verbal communications. We reserve the right to immediately bring to a close any working relationship with a client or business partner that violates this policy.

commitment to health and safety

People on a construction site

sustain:able fosters a positive health and safety culture throughout the Company because we believe that high standards of health and safety are a moral and commercial pre-requisite to a purposeful business.

We are committed to: 

  • Providing adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities.

  • Working to prevent accidents and work-related physical and mental ill health.

  • Maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, and adequate welfare facilities.
  • Using and maintaining the proper safe equipment needed for each task, including all Personal Protection Equipment where needed.

  • Ensuring all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate training.

  • Ensuring the safety of our people at all times and promoting a culture in which all employees and business partners embody this commitment.

  • Reviewing and revising this policy statement annually.

anti-bribery and anti-corruption commitment

sustain:able maintains a zero-tolerance policy for bribery and corruption.

We are committed to:

  • The practice of responsible corporate behaviour.

  • Acting fairly, transparently, and with integrity in all our business activities and relationships.

Hand holding a compass
  • Implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter bribery and corruption
  • Complying with all laws, regulations and other requirements which govern the conduct of our business.


We are fully committed to instilling a strong anti-corruption culture and to complying with all anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation including, but not limited to, the UK Bribery Act of 2010, ensuring that no bribes or other corrupt payments, inducements or similar are made, offered, sought or obtained by us or anyone working on our behalf.

We require all of our directors, officers, employees, contractors and partners to observe high standards of business conduct and ethics, as well as full compliance with all applicable government laws, rules and regulations.

whistleblowing statement


sustain:able is committed to compliance with the UK Bribery Act of 2010 and we actively encourage a culture of honesty and openness. Therefore, we encourage all employees to speak up and alert their manager or a Company Director to any issue that, in the employee’s opinion, might constitute bribery or corruption, or any inappropriate, illegal or corrupt behaviour in relation to our activities.

We commit to taking all concerns raised seriously and to investigating all reported possible or actual incidents of misconduct and will take appropriate action. Employees will suffer no detriment of any sort for making such a disclosure in accordance with this procedure.

Environment and Climte Change
Human Rights
Diversity and Inclusion
Health and Safety
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