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UN Goal 5 – Gender equality

“Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”​ Women have always been under-represented in the oil and gas, and wider energy industries. Whilst this is clearly an issue in the UK, the disparity is considerably larger in many developing countries around the world.

It is commonly observed that women leave the workforce at a certain point in their career – in the oil and gas industry female participation declines by 31% from entry-level to manager roles, compared to around 20% as an average (McKinsey 2019).

This declining participation rate results in the statistics we see from the recent UK based PWC & Powerful Women State of the Nation report (2021).

So how can companies, and the industry as a whole, work to retain this incredible talent pool? Moving forward with the energy transition we simply cannot afford to lose any great minds.

At sustain:able we can help you with ideas to retain talented employees within your company, male or female, as part of your wider ESG and sustainability focus. ​

Be a part of the solution. ​

UN Goal 5 - gender equality

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