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  • Rosalie Constable

UN Goal 4 – Quality Education

“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.​​ ​​ Access to affordable and quality education is a stepping stone to achieving all the other UN SDGs.​

Every child deserves an education to give them a good start in life and brighter future. But learning is a lifelong activity which mustn't stop when we leave school. ​

Technical and vocational training throughout our careers is essential for decent work, economic growth, and developing the talent and know-how to help make the transition to a low-carbon economy a success.​

Contributing to Goal 4 can range from supporting your employees to give an inspiring talk at their kid's school about what they do, up to contributing to a school infrastructure project in a developing country in which you operate.​

At sustain:able we can help you with ideas to promote lifelong learning as part of your wider ESG and sustainability focus. ​​ ​​

Be a part of the solution. ​​

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