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UN Goal 17 – Partnerships for the goals

“Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development”

The last 18 months has demonstrated how much technology can help us in knowledge sharing, collaboration and building partnerships when we can't meet in person.

For many this has enabled a wider reach - expanding networks and building new relationships.

However, for many others it has had the opposite effect.

Lack of access to reliable technology and cultural beliefs means in some countries in which energy companies operate, relationships built from face-to-face meetings over a cup of tea is still critically important.

Effective partnerships take time and commitment to build, and it is so important that in the rush to "do business" the value of building these relationships is not overlooked.

We understand the power of building strong relationships for greater collaboration at sustain:able and seek to connect and facilitate meaningful relationships to achieve more impactful outcomes.

Be a part of the solution.

UN SDGs Goal 17 - partnerships for the goals

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