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Taking your company beyond bare-minimum compliance towards proactive management of business risk

introducing sustain:able’s​ wayfinder service​

Evaluating your company’s ESG procedures and actions against best-practice across the full range of ESG topics​


bespoke input


dashboard overview


actionable list of recommendations

proactive management of ESG and emissions risks


start broad, and then get specific

Initial screening across a full spectrum of ESG topics, which can be further integrated into tailored framework analyses for your company. This includes a TCFD assessment, with other frameworks under development

data collection

Detailed data collection review, cross-referenced to the GRI reporting framework, highlighting the data gaps to be addressed

three key topic areas

Assessment is broken down into Risk, Emissions and Engagement, with a total of 19 sub-topics across the full ESG topic spectrum

weighted scoring system

Questions are weighted based on relevance to your company's reporting requirements or internal strategy, with a customisable scale (Critical, Significant, Important, Informative, Minimal) suited to specific company needs

simple results dashboard

Results presented with headline score, and the top three areas in which your company:

a) is currently doing well

b) has potential for improvement

drill down into the details

Detailed breakdowns provide a thorough assessment across multiple topics

what is it NOT?

just a tick-box exercise

We analyse the quality of data and disclosures, not just if a topic is mentioned in a report or on the company website

a generic output generated by AI or data-scraping

We use our experience and understanding of the energy and extractives industries - as well as knowledge of what other peer companies are doing in the sector - when we analyse your company’s current position

yet another ESG ratings score or software

Wayfinder is not just another ESG software or an ESG Ratings tool - our focus is helping companies manage their ESG and emissions risks, and supporting them in delivering impactful progress

how does it fit into my esg workflow?​

Wayfinder is beneficial for proactively managing your risk, regardless of how advanced your ESG and emissions strategy is.​

Analysis utilising Wayfinder provides:​

- Evaluation of the current status of your ESG data and processes​​

- Identification of gaps where best practice can be applied or improved​​

- A bespoke list of actions to improve management of risks across the business​​

- Building towards assessment against mandatory and voluntary reporting frameworks applicable to your company​

To find out more and arrange a demonstration:

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