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case study:

TCFD alignment​

a clear approach for alignment with the TCFD reporting framework​

at a glance


  • Small operating company with limited internal resources​

  • Limited knowledge base around TCFD requirements within the company​


  • Phased approach for implementation mapped to a 3-year timeframe ​

  • Identification of easy “quick win” actions and those that will take more time and effort​

  • Bespoke reference documents detailing each TCFD pillar and guidance for alignment​

  • Company can demonstrate year-on-year progress in aligning to TCFD ​

  • Company becomes future-proofed against upcoming mandatory reporting​

yellow scribble.png

“the actionable plan delivered by the sustain:able team brought real value, enabling us to demonstrate material progress towards alignment with TCFD. ”​

client rep.​


As part of their wider ESG strategy development, a UK-based listed oil and gas operator wanted to start aligning with the TCFD framework to  prepare for any future mandatory reporting requirements. ​

The client wanted to demonstrate their commitment to robust governance and consideration of the climate impact of their operations – important to their lenders and other stakeholders. ​

Being a relatively small company, they had limited resources to dedicate to TCFD and found the prospect overwhelming. They needed guidance for how best to start. ​

steps taken

  1. Detailed review of the company’s operational activities, corporate governance structure and processes. ​

  2. Review of relevant TCFD guidance documentation and best practice examples to identify what actions were required to demonstrate compliance with the various disclosures.​

  3. Identification of potential climate-related risks and opportunities that may impact the company’s activities in the short, medium and long term.​

  4. Selection of an appropriate set of published climate scenarios and documentation of key assumptions to assist the company in building an understanding of scenario analysis – narrative scenarios developed.​

  5. Mapped recommendations to an achievable timeframe.​

  6. A detailed practical handbook to guide key staff members through the recommended actions.​


a clear, practical and phased action plan​

A phased action plan over several years with clear and practical steps ensuring our client will be able to demonstrate clear progress towards full compliance with the TCFD framework ahead of expected mandatory reporting requirements.​

​The break down of the overwhelming volume of TCFD related information helped our client achieve steady progress towards their ESG strategy goals.​

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