putting our own advice
into practice

We believe a company is never too small to develop an awareness of the impacts they have on the world around them. We also believe in leading by example.

So we have followed the same process we recommend to our clients to develop a fit-for-purpose ESG strategy and processes to measure our performance as we strive to continuously improve how we do business.

Our first step

was to identify who our

key stakeholders are and who

we impact as we conduct our business.

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Our employees

Our clients

Our suppliers

Our families

Our partners & associates

Our collaborators

Government & industry regulators

Our local communities

The next step was to identify which topics are most material to us and to our stakeholders. This Double Materiality assessment ensures we focus on those areas where we have the most influence.

We have also identified priority and additional topics that are important to how we successfully do business,

and we will continue to monitor

these topics closely.

Click on each of the Material Topics in the matrix below to see a more detailed explanation...

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Material Topics

Priority Topics

Additional Topics Monitored

Human Rights

Innovative practices

Compensation & benefits

Learning & development

Economic performance

Awareness of ESG standards/regulations

Energy use (travel)

Energy use (home office)

Waste & recycling

After identifying the areas that we have greatest influence on, we have selected 6 UN SDGs which we will strive to contribute to as a Business for Good and through our work with our clients:

UN SDGs that are material to Us as a Business for Good

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UN SDGs that are material to Us through our work with our clients

We are excited to have started the process to become a B-Corp certified company. As part of this process we will be verified by B Lab, demonstrating that we meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

As the next step to

developing our robust ESG strategy,

we are developing a set of metrics so we can track and transparently report our performance against our material topics.


We will update this page when these have been defined and then annually report our performance against them.