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risk - emissions - engagement

Our focus is on

- understanding your impact and risks -

- defining your reduction and mitigation plans -

- & supporting their implementation -

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Every part of our workflow

addresses our three key pillars

Risk  |  Emissions  |  Engagement

Our flexible work packages can be adapted to address your needs, whatever stage of the

ESG journey you are at

Audit & Planning

Where are you now?

Where can you go?

What are the benefits?

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Establishing ESG reporting processes

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  • Reporting framework options - TCFD, GRI, ISSB, etc.

  • Review of peers, what are they reporting

  • Data requirements and collection processes

  • Emissions data recording 

  • Board and Exec Team briefings

  • Reporting framework table construction


Making sure it all works

Continuous improvement

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  • Strategy and project implementation

  • Ensure measurement systems & procedures are in place with regular reviews

  • Implement emissions reduction and transition engineering initiatives

  • Employee engagement

  • Monitor progress


Communicating your ESG work internally and externally

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sustain:able’s assistance in helping Hartshead identify the appropriate ESG framework for our business has been invaluable and we very much look forward to continuing to work with the sustain:able team as we develop and implement our future ESG strategy

- Hartshead Resources CFO

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How we work...

Systems Thinking

Understanding of your business and operations as a system and application of the principles of Transition Engineering


Adopting and adapting technology in a considered and effective way for maximum benefit

Deep Industry Experience

Over 50 years combined experience in the global energy and extractives sectors - we have the expertise to understand your business and spot the opportunities 

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you

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