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sustain:able's bespoke assessment highlights best-practice actions for managing ESG risks, guiding your company beyond mere compliance to proactive risk management.


We start with a broad screening assessment covering all ESG topics, which can then feed into tailored, in-depth analyses specific to your business framework.

bespoke input

actionable list of recommendations

dashboard overview


start broad, and then get specific

Initial screening assesses various ESG topics, which can be further integrated into tailored framework analyses for your company. This includes a TCFD assessment, with other frameworks under development

data collection

Detailed data collection review, cross-referenced to the GRI reporting framework, highlighting the data gaps to be addressed

three key topic areas

Assessment is broken down into Risk, Emissions and Engagement, with a total of 19 sub-topics across the full ESG topic spectrum

weighted scoring system

Questions are weighted based on relevance to your company's reporting requirements or internal strategy, with a customisable scale (Critical, Significant, Important, Informative, Minimal) suited to specific company needs

simple results dashboard

Results presented with headline score, and the top three areas in which your company:

a) is currently doing well

b) has potential for improvement

Drill down into the details

Detailed breakdowns provide a thorough assessment across multiple topics

Our extensive experience in the energy industry means we understand your operations and can help you measure your emissions footprint and implement meaningful reduction strategies

Our ISO 14064 qualified team can help you with:


Scope 1-2-3 emissions inventory calculation

Emissions scenarios to test strategic decisions

Carbon footprint of operational activities

Emissions & energy reduction initiatives

Our flexible, modular work packages can be customised to support you - whatever stage you are at - in your journey of understanding and reducing your emissions

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